Is your name Brown?

Do you have a blog? Do you want one? You can have any name you want (or number) in front of Browns and have your blog up shortly.

For example, if your name is James, your blog will be: Thats it (providing no one has taken “james”.

Go ahead, click on it and see if its still available:

If there is a blog or construction notice on it, you will see it. If it is still available, here are the details and prices: Details and Prices

If you’d rather cut to the chase, email us at and we will will register it for you. It is only $5 or $7 per month depending on how you pay (yearly or monthly).

I know it sounds cheap, but we have a lot of surnames. If your name is taken, we can set you up as “” or hundreds of other options like or

Don’t want a blog, just a site? Perhaps you’d like a simple webpage with your resume on it and a password required? Easy peasy, or works too. Click here for a sample of a pass-worded site:

Now just put in the user name: gnat and the password of: ointment and the site comes up! Simple, here is one with just a password, no username: Its so easy, a caveman could do it! (if the cave woman shows him how)

Okay, domain names, websites, blogs, are not new, but this way of doing it is new because all the biggies want to make more money. We like to be successful too, but this way we can all have identification on the internet.